River Bank
& Costal Protection

River Bank & Costal Protection, Water Resources, Irrigation and Flood control

For coastal and river management projects, we've increased our solution range. We may now choose from a logically graded set of interventions to tailor the solution to our clients' needs.

Expertise in solving problems

We've gained a lot of experience handling engineering challenges in the areas of hydraulic works and coast protection. Our solutions reduce or eliminate the impact of flowing water on the ground and the structures that are connected to it.

Learned from Experience

Our engineers have the knowledge and capability to create solutions that combine goods, allowing them to provide personalised advise in the quest for innovative ideas and meet all of our clients' needs. 

Turnkey Solutions

We have the talent and manufacturing technology to provide turnkey solutions for projects where needed, as evidenced by our involvement in all of our storm-surge-protection projects in India.

Alternatives that are green

We've also worked with soil bioengineering techniques and the use of natural materials and plants in conjunction with traditional materials to produce 'greener' erosion control for coastal streams.
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