Jumbo Gabion Box

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Jumbo Gabion box are larger than regular Gabion box and are used for large scale civil engineering projects. Jumbo Gabion are similar to regular Gabion in all other aspect.

Usually in Jumbo Gabion width is 1.50 meter and 2.0 meter compare to 1.0 meter width in regular Gabion.

Shri Sai ensure 100% quality product by complying quality assurance plan under ISO 9001:2015 norms and meeting the quality standard IS16014 and international standard ASTM and EN.

Mesh Size :- Mesh size (D) is average distance measured at right angles between the twisted wire.

Mesh Type & Sizes

S No. Mesh Type Nominal Size (D Value) Tolerance
1 100mm X 120mm 100mm + 10% / - 10%
2 80mm X 100mm 80mm + 10% / - 10%
3 60mm X 80mm 60mm + 10% / - 10%

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