Power, Mining
& Heavy Industries

To minimise mining productivity disruption, mine owners and operators demand high-quality geotechnical, geological, and hydraulic solutions that are supplied on time and installed quickly.

Solution provider

Our innovative solutions can assist industrialists with any problem that arises during the lifecycle of their operation. We can help you with anything from access and material handling infrastructure to rockfall hazard reduction, product concentration, and leachate storage, as well as dewatering and site restoration.

Magnitude is not an impediment

Although the mining and civil engineering sectors have certain differences, there are many similarities in the technologies we use to address our clients' problems, albeit the forces are frequently greater and on a larger scale: Storage lagoons may store leachate chemicals rather than storm water, and horizontal drainage geocomposites support heap-leach pads rather than roadways.

Increasing your safety and efficiency

Apart from structural solutions, we can also provide technology that help mines run more efficiently and safely; for example, our geogrids reduce haul road ruts, improve dump truck efficiency, and reduce maintenance grade. Our rockfall mitigation devices keep rocks from falling onto vehicles and infrastructure from cut hillsides.

Assisting in the restoration of nature

Our knowledge with water management hydraulic structures, erosion protection, and re-vegetation has also been beneficial in the rehabilitation of the local ecology at the mine's end of life, allowing for a more natural return to the site.
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