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Infrastructure Issues in Cities ​

Our clients' engineering difficulties take on a new dimension when they enter urban regions. Because to the presence of other infrastructure and people, development prospects are limited and more expensive.
  • For road or rail construction, narrower construction corridors necessitate steeper retaining walls.
  • Soil reinforcement is required to create terraces in steeply sloping house complexes in order to maximise development areas.
  • The existence of groundwater near new constructions could need drainage.
  • In a redevelopment zone, commercial developments on soft soils require basal reinforcement.
  • Tunneling for metros or other underground infrastructure is a common occurrence.

Artistically conscious and results-oriented

Appearance are also crucial, as is the intervention's effectiveness as a screening, acoustic, or safety barrier. A consideration to consider is finding a solution that causes the least amount of interruption to residents, commuters, and commerce.
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