The environmental protection industry encompasses a wide range of industries that must protect the environment from contamination. Landfills, agricultural works, storm water attenuation zones, storage ponds, and leachate lagoons in mining operations are examples of typical applications for our systems.

Achieving Required Objectives

We mix goods from our diverse portfolio into systems that are tailored to the needs of our clients. We can also tailor goods to fit individual applications thanks to our flexible and vast manufacturing capabilities.

Increasing the strength of the landfill, mining, and agriculture industries

When space is limited, the use of Geogrids to reinforce soil allows for the steepening of slopes within landfill cells, increasing the volume available for waste disposal. These solutions are used in mining applications such as heap leach pads and effluent wetlands, in addition to landfills. Our systems are also used in attenuation ponds near highways and slurry lagoons in the agricultural industry.
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