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Gabion Projects & Geotechnical Engineering Solutions

Shri Sai Eco Solutions (SSES) is one of the leading Geotechnical, Environmental and Civil Engineering Industries in India. Established in 2018, and led by an experienced team, we have successfully completed many projects across India and abroad in no time.

How It Started

Shri Sai Gabion and Fencing  started with strategically designing and developing Geotechnical products and gradually started focusing on Designing, Developing & Implementing high quality & affordable solutions for various kind of Gabion Projects. With great work and demand raising from geotechnical and environmental hazards we started Sri Sai Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which became the most trusted brand in the field of Turnkey solutions for Gabion Projects.

Formation of Shri Sai Eco Solutions

Looking at constantly changing environment and its challenging impact, whether those challenges inmates from forces of nature or whether they come from the ever increasing difficulties of people living within this environment with the need for infrastructure development and better utilization of available land. “Shri Sai Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” along with “Shri Sai Gabion and Fencing” provides complete solutions from planning, design, developing, implementing and maintaining all turnkey projects of our clients.

SSES has grown from a small startup to a professional organization with better understanding and successful completion of projects with great innovation and scientific procedure. At SSES, we have established our reputation as a company committed to providing engineering solutions to complex geotechnical problems as well as developing economic and safe designs for environmental problems.

Our project line-up includes work in major sectors like thermal power plants, refineries, bridges & highways, commercial & residential infrastructure, metro & railways, river bank etc.

SSES support global commercial and government clients focused on water, environment, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy, and international development.

For us at SSES, “QUALITY” is a habit, to actively pursue on a routine basis, not something that is unwillingly imposed upon its staff by the company management. We recognize our commitment to the society at large and are aware of the implications of our work in nation building. We work with the motto “We protect environment today for tomorrow’s progress”

Our Clientele

Leading The Way In Binding The Environment

Eliminating Uncertainty

SSES provides an extensive range of economical & durable Gabion Solutions which includes field consulting, designing, supply & installation of complete structure. We have been strategically focused on developing ourselves as one of the most trusted brand in the field of Turnkey solutions for Gabion Projects and Geotechnical, Environmental and Civil Engineering.

  • Innovative Design and Development
  • Accurate Testing Processes
  • Quality Control System
  • Highly Professional Staff
  • Unrivalled Workmanship
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Shri Sai Eco Solution Pvt Ltd

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SSES have a broad range of project experience with development, both urban infill and large master-planned communities; transportation including airports, roadways and bridges; public facilities including fire stations, hospitals and schools; environmental assessments and remediation; and geological evaluations.

  • To be committed to enhance our customer’s success with responsiveness, quality and services that sets the industry standard as we understand that we can be successful only if our customers are successful.
  • To excel in every aspect of our business by utilising our core competencies, fostering a culture of trust teamwork and responsibility.
  • To identify and mitigate any environmental ramification and comply with applicable environmental norms.
  • Using progressive innovative solution Shri Sai Eco Solutions envisions being the primary preference in civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets at all times both nationally and globally. We will ensure sustainable growth with societal consciousness in all aspects of our work.

How we work?

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