Whether it's a modest retaining wall in a housing development or a big reinforced earth structure on a major highway, products and services are used in every part of industry. Infrastructure, commercial and housing developers, and any client with an earth retention problem can benefit from our cost-effective, value-engineered scalable solutions!

New edge systems and solutions – We create solutions and employ design tools that adhere to the most recent generation of technical standards and design methods. As a result, we design, manufacture, and deliver high-quality, long-lasting materials that extend the life of the works, reduce environmental impact, and give clients peace of mind.


Spectrum of hydraulic erosion prevention

We offer clients a graded, logical spectrum of hydraulic erosion prevention approaches, ranging from soil bio-engineering and low-energy solutions to robust high-energy capacity revetments, thanks to our professional knowledge and wide product range. Wherever you have an erosion problem, the level of intervention should be proportional to the erosion danger.
When used in conjunction with the soil, it allows the soil to perform better than it would if it were unreinforced, allowing it to support more weight or stand at steeper angles. Our wide range of geogrid reinforcements maximises the opportunity to reuse site-won materials as backfill to the reinforced slope; a top priority for us because it reduces material export and import, embracing sustainability and reducing polluting truck movements; and they are extremely effective in base stabilisation. On a project, cost savings from the reuse of site-won material with geogrids can be significant.
High-strength geogrids also allow us to sustain high loads, such as those seen in mine tip and crusher walls, where a fully loaded mine truck can weigh more than 300 tonnes.
Our building services knowledge also means that we consider construction ease at the idea and design phases; it's no good having a wonderful solution if it's more expensive to build!
We just released a new, more ecologically friendly polymer coating for our steel wire mesh products that also provides a longer design life!